One and Only, on the liberating truth about being and having an only child, will hit shelves June 11 2013.  Righteous was my first book, which Viking published in 2006. I loved reporting it.
Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement
Viking, 2006

From the flap: Illuminating, often troubling, and unapologetically frank, Righteous is dynamic young journalist Lauren Sandler’s report from the nexus of religious fundamentalism and youth culture. As a secular guide through the passion and politics of the teenage evangelical “Disciple Generation,” Sandler offers the first front line exploration of the Christian youth counterculture and what its influence could mean for the future of America. She intimately connects with skateboarding missionaries, tattooed members of a self-sufficient postpunk mega-church, rock-’n’-rolling antiabortion protestors, and rap preachers who merge hip-hop’s love of money with old- fashioned Bible-beating fundamentalism—true believers who reveal themselves with openness and truly astonishing candor, but what they reveal about our nation is most astonishing of all.

Here’s one of my favorite chapters, about now-infamous Mars Hill Church in Seattle, which I first encountered when it was just a small part of an upstart movement.