Book Club

Every other month we’ll vote on a book to read and then we’ll discuss it together. The book will be on one of the myriad themes related to being or having an only child, from issues in modern parenting to psychology, environmentalism, economics, and more. I’d love to read novels that feature only children or parents wrestling with raising one, or characters working through their own fertility choices.

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Maybe One

Our first foray will be Bill McKibben’s book Maybe One. We’ll discuss it in early October.  I really loved reading this book, and found myself with a full-blown crush on McKibben as a father and a thinker by the last page. I think you’ll love it too—and it will certainly give us some heady material to debate in our conversation.

From the book’s own flap copy, a description: ”In Maybe One, Bill McKibben argues that the earth is becoming dangerously overcrowded, and that if more of us chose to have only one child, it would make a crucial difference toward insuring a healthy future for ourselves and our planet. But the environment alone may not persuade most people to consider …

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